Xpresso Payments

We are here to change the payment’s industry, from paying money you owe to a friend to sending funds to your relatives abroad. Using Xpresso you can securely send money every time, every where.

Peer to Peer

Convenience, speed, and ease-of-use. Transferring funds from one person to another can be accomplished through a click of a button.

Low Fees

Unlike many other payment solutions that involve several middlemen, with Xpresso, you don’t have to pay for expensive transaction, processing, or service fees.


In Xpresso all transactions are recorded in a real-time ledger, considerably reducing any fraudulent activities.

Pay friends and family with an Xpresso account using money you have in Xpresso, or link your bank account or debit card quickly.

Easy, Fast and Secure.

Pay your friends

Need to split the check or send money to a family member? Use Xpresso available transfer options. It’s simple, fast and reliable.

Get paid easily and better

Get your payments, instantly.  With our low fees get more money for your work. Receive money from anyone in the world.

Faster transfers

Send money internationally directly from your Xpresso wallet.

Connect and send money
around the world

With Xpresso sending money across the globe,

is easy and fast, it takes a couple of clicks

Join our growing network, and start sending money to anyone on the globe.